The Truth About Reopening Schools


According to a report published in The Telegraph, School-age children are more likely to be hit by lightning than to die of COVID-19 EVEN without Dr. Bartletts’ Silver Bullet treatment/cure

Why Are the Teachers’ Unions Demanding to Defund the Police Before Schools Can Safely Open – Dr. Bob Hamilton

Dr. Arthur Reingold from UC Berkeley says “children simply don’t get very sick when they get this infection…if they develop any symptoms at all, they are mild. Severe illnesses and death is incredibly rare”

Teacher Union Demands Far-Left Economic Policies Before Reopening Classrooms –

Schools Aren’t Super-Spreaders Fears From the Summer Appear to Have Been Overblown –

Remote Learning Does Not Work. 60% of remote learners are currently failing at least one course. According to the letter, 17% of students are enrolled in remote learning. –

Tucker Carlson Obliterates Ruling Class for Keeping Schools Closed –

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