Defund the Swamp. Refund the Kingdom.

Defund the Swamp. Refund the Kingdom.

We must stop funding the organizations and businesses that hate our American freedoms and our inalienable God-given rights.  

How to Request a COVID-19 Vaccine Religious Exemption:

How Do You Protect Your Health?

Protect Your Health – Find the 100% Effective & Affordable COVID-19 Treatments & Therapies:  
– 9,000 COVID-19 Patients (0 Deaths)  
– 3,000 COVID-19 Patients (0 Deaths)  
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– 1,500 COVID-19 Patients (0 Deaths)  
– Doctor Richard Bartlett  

How Do You Protect Your Wealth / Savings?

Protect Your Wealth from the Inflation That Is Destroying Your Savings As a Results of Government Printing Money They Don’t Have Buy Things They Don’t Need?  
– Protect your hard-earned wealth from inflation today by reaching out to Andrew Sorchini of today by texting 310-433-3524.  
– Bank with a bank owned by Christians who boldly speak out against the cancel culture.  

How Do You Find a Job That Will Not Require You to Take the RNA-Modifying Nano-Technology SM-102 / Luciferase Filled COVID-19 Vaccines?

Protect Your Income by Starting / Buying Your Own Business:  
Attend the world’s highest rated and most-reviewed small business world workshop which is hosted by Clay Clark. Request tickets today at :  
(Scholarship pricing is available to make it affordable for all to attend)  
– For under $50,000 you can own your own carpet cleaning franchise with the Christian-owned and world’s greenest carpet cleaner  
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How Do You Find Churches That Will Speak Out Against the Marxist / Communist Narrative and “The Great Reset?”

Protect your heart and find a church that does not apologize for staying opening and reject the Pro-”Great Reset” narrative being pushed by The World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, China, and the mainstream media.  
Global Vision Bible Church – Pastor Gregg Locke –  
The Remnant Church – Pastors Leon and Maria Benjamin –  
Influence Church – Pastors Phil and Tammy Hotsenpiller –  
Charis Christian Center – Pastors Lawson and Barbara Perdue –  
Sheridan Church – Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer –  
JD Farag –  
Revival Ministries / The River at Tampa Bay – Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne –  

How to Pull Your Kids Out of the Marxist Indoctrination System / Public Schools –

Attend the powerful, practical and empowering How to Successfully Homeschool Workshop hosted by Sam Sorbo, April Moss and Clay Clark. Request your tickets today –  

Home Goods Providers You Can Trust:

– Mike Lindell is fighting back to expose election fraud and the Marxist agenda of big tech and the mainstream media. Support Mike Lindell,  
and The Thrivetime Show by purchasing products for your home at  
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Email Providers That You Can Trust

Email –  
Mass Blast Email Platform –  

Guns / Ammo Providers You Can Trust –

– This company was founded by a retired U.S. Army Ranger and West Point graduate by the name of Jarrin Jackson.  

Apparel / Clothing

– Born from a passion for fashion, lifestyle, and fitness. We carefully selected our styles to fit every body type, size, and shape. You will love our top-quality fabrications, cuts, and designs. This company was founded by the co-founder of  
Tammy Hotsenpiller.  
– Find stylist women’s clothing all made in the USA by the unapologetically pro-life company  
. Culture of Life 1972, commonly called COL1972, is a Philadelphia based fashion brand that gives back to organizations that protect life. The chosen name honors 1972, the final year when every American child had the right to life. It is not just an online boutique with stylish things, it is a company with a passion for sharing the love for life message.  

Building / Housing

– Build a quality steel building using the building components and consulting of the freedom-loving patriots at  
– Are you looking to move to Oklahoma? Buy your next home from Oklahoma’s largest homebuilder  
which is owned and operated unapologetic pro-life, pro-freedom and pro-Jesus people.  


– Stay connected from any place on the earth during inclement weather, hurricanes, storms and times when cell phone communications are not possible with untraceable satellite phone technology. Learn more at:  


IHeart dogs –  
is the ultimate one-stop shop for people that love dogs. It was founded by Christian business leaders, Marshall Morris, President  

Lawyers Willing to FIGHT BACK for Your American Freedoms.

America’s Frontline Doctors –  
Defending the Republic –  
Renz Law –  
Doug Mahaffey –  

Media / Podcasts and Voices of Truth That You Can Trust

American Faith –  
– Get the news from a Christian perspective.  
One America News –  
– A news organization committed to seeking the truth and who actually loves America.  
Epoch Times –  
– Real investigative journalism at is finest.  
American Thinker –  
Breibart News Network –  
Censored News –  
The Gateway Pundit –  
Human Events –  
National File –  
Populist –  
Project Veritas –  
Red State –  
Undercover DC –  
Washington Times –  
Western Journal –  

Patriot Podcasters You Can Trust

Absolute Proof –  
BardsFM – Watch –  
Conservatives on Telegram –  
The Dan Bongino Show –  
Doug Billings – Right Side Media –  
Eric Metaxas –  
Health Ranger Report – Watch –  
Monkey Werx US –  
Patriot Street Fighter – Scott McCay –  
The Mel K Show –  
The Pete Santilli Show –  
The SGT Report –  
Steel Truth – Ann Vandersteel –  
Thrivetime Show –  
X22 Report– Watch –  

Payment Processors You Can Trust

Nick Logan – Cornerstone Credit Card Processing –  
Payment Processing –  

Search Engine Platforms You Can Trust

Duck Duck Go –  

Social Media Platforms You Can Trust

Clout Hub –  
Frank – The Voice of Free Speech – Mike Lindell –  
Pure Social Network –  
Telegram App  

Solar Power Providers You Can Trust

Advanced Home Pros –  

Video Platforms That Don’t Censor Their Content

Brighteon –  
CloutHub –  
Gab –  
Odysee –  
Pure Social Network –  
Rumble –  
Frank Speech –  

Web Hosting You Can Trust

Cloud Hosting –  
Content Delivery Network –  

How to Find and Hire Christian Employees:

How to Fight Back Against Door-to-Door Forced Vaccinations

Khader Juha / Bethlehem Souvenir Center (gifts from the Holy Land)  
Cell: +972 59 8517171  
Vickie Natale / Organi Body Essentials  
Trudy Reynolds / Active Pure & Bemer  
Jamey Copley / Estate Planning Inc (Life Insurance & Annuities)  
(954) 557-4422  


Order organic grass-fed beef from Pleasant Valley Ranch & Larry Darnell – 918-244-7111 – email at:  

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